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One Ton Project 'Gizzards & Hearts' CD

by One Ton Project

$9.00 / On Sale

Release Date: May 5th, 2015

Debut album from the Las Vegas prog/fusion rock quintet, housed in a 6 panel, eco-friendly digipak.

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Track List:

1. The Axeman
2. Deathjazz
3. The Difference
4. Blacklight
5. Protagonist
6. Right Through Me
7. 6s & 7s
8. John The Clown
9. The Vineyard
10. Brother
11. Flight 13
12. Cadence

"Gizzards & Hearts is the perfect meld of jazz, progressive metal, and just soulful music. One Ton Project have a very particular way of playing something that just makes my heart happy, and my head nod along to the beat. It’s neither stupid simple or brutally complex, and allows the listener to enjoy a sensation of styles caressing the pleasure centers of the body and soul, you’ll find this album popping up on your playlists more and more." - MetalMachine.net

"While listening to the 12 tracks on this record, you will notice their distinctive style and not to mention, the heart they put into writing and playing each song. It’s clearly they pushed the creative boundaries of tradition on this record by infusing elements of various genres including jazz, rock, funk, blues, and reggae that blend to create a unique sound that is very pleasing to the ear." - The Ontarion, Album of the Week Review